Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Mmmmm...Fresh Tracks

There's hope for the future after all. Here's a few newly acquired nuggets I've recently been diggin'.

·Lyle Workman: Flashback Party Weekend

I know what you're saying..."who the heck is Lyle Workman?!" Well check out the soundtrack for the eagerly awaited film Superbad. Scoring a movie about two white suburban kids in the style of a Blaxpoltation film is comedy alone. But with the likes of Bootsy Collins, Clyde Stubblefield, Catfish Collins, and Bernie Worrell this is no laughing matter. Add classics from Curtis Mayfield, Rick James, Jean Knight & The Bar-Kays and you've got a rather solid soundtrack that's definitely worth a listen.

·Nicole Willis & The Soul Investigators: If This Ain't Love (I Don't Know What Is)

Here's my new favorite retro soul queen. Do yourself a favor and buy Keep Reachin' Up. Amy Who-house.

·Prince: Chelsea Rodgers

The latest from an old favorite. Planet Earth is certainly not Prince's greatest album, but you can always count on at least one solid funky number. I dare you to sit still on this one.

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