Saturday, June 7, 2008

Prince Turns 50

I know he won't be happy for this post and I'm risking lawsuits and years of litigation, but out of love and respect I have to honor Prince on his 50th birthday. I've been a prince fan for more than 2/3 of my life and in all those years he has never failed to deliver. Even at his worst he is still the funkiest S.O.B. in the room. If you've never seen him live... please do and sit as close as possible (you won't be sitting). Summing up over 30 years of making music is no easy task especially with the sheer output of Prince so here are just a few of my personal favorites from different periods of the man's music. Enjoy...and please don't sue!

Prince: Crazy You

Here's a lazy almost Jobim style jam from Prince's first album 1978's For You. The 20 year old is still finding his voice on this album, but this track really shows signs of something special.

Prince: The Ballad of Dorothy Parker

I just had to post this. My favorite song on my favorite Prince album, 1987's double LP Sign 'O' The Times. Great story telling and killer vocals. I will never grow tired of this track.

Prince: Chelsea Rodgers

I've posted this song before, but I have to post it again. It's the hottest tune on his last album by a mile. Last year's Planet Earth shows Prince can still throw down better than the rest. He is a music making machine and here's hoping for many more years of monsters.

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