Friday, August 22, 2008

Run Run Run

know I'm a little late with this post but I have to admit I still have Olympic fever. Maybe it's from lack of sleep. The underwhelming performance of the US track team is kind of upsetting but hey at least the Jamaicans are on fire. As a reggae fan I take solace in that and you gotta love Usain Bolt! And now I present some track inspired tracks just for you.
Take your mark...RUN!!!!

Isaac Hayes: Run Fay Run

I guess I'm still in Issac Hayes remembrance mode, but here's another brilliant piece by the master. You can find this along with a ton of funky stuff on the 1974 Tough Guys soundtrack repackaged with Truck Turner.

Delroy Wilson: Run Run

Gotta throw in some reggae for Usain. These lyrics are rather ominous but someone chasing you sure makes you run faster! Recorded for Studio One in the early 70's you can find it here.

Roy Ayers: Running Away (12" Version)

You all know by now that I'm very into Roy Ayers. Here's one of his most well known dance tracks from 1977. Doobie Doo, Run Run Run! I dare you to sit still for this one. Get it here.

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