Monday, November 10, 2008

Dig The Counts

etroit band The Counts (also known as The Fabulous Counts) are one of too many overlooked R&B acts that were lost in the sea of 70's soul music. Their output was spotty at best but they did create some real fine funky moments. Here are a few tracks from there stellar 1971 debut What's Up Front That Counts. Thanks to Peter McG for turning me on to this LP.

The Counts: What's Up Front That Counts

A great intro. What a way to introduce this band to the world. Once that organ hits it's all over.

The Counts: Rhythm Changes

Deep funk here. A little Bar-Kays a little Ohio Players. I love the horn break at 1:24. Solid.

The Counts: Why Not Start All Over Again

A bit smoother on this track with a jazzy vibe and some of the best vocals on the entire album.

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