Thursday, May 14, 2009

Let's Strut

The Nite-Liters: Afro Strut

It's hard not to strut to this 1971 jam by Harvey Fuqua & Tony Churchill's Nite-Liters. Dig the solid wah wah. Get it on Flying Funk.

Mandrill: Fat City Strut

Straight forward strut takes a sudden turn towards Brooklyn salsa. Fine Latin soul and back to funk again. Get it on 1973's Just Outside of Town.

Kashmere Stage Band: Super Strut Pt.1 (Kenny Dope Remix)

Powerful horns launch this strut. A bit Vegas but funky nonetheless. Get this remix on 2007's Now-Again Re:Sounds Vol. 1.

The Meters: Cissy Strut

It's a classic. You all know it but I had to include the greatest strut of them all. Get it on The Meters' 1969 debut.

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