Friday, June 26, 2009

Rest in Peace Michael Jackson

Like everybody else the news about Michael Jackson shocked me. What really surprised me was just how sad I became. Michael's music really hasn't spoken to me in nearly 20 years and personality wise, well let's just say I felt he got a bit odd. As a child Thriller and to a lesser extent, Off the Wall were my life. As an budding artist Michael Jackson became one of my favorite subjects to draw second only to ET. I had the Beat It jacket (the black plastic knock off) and of course the glove and would moonwalk all over the kitchen. I vividly remember watching MTV from 10 AM until 10PM just to catch the Thriller video. So am I sad for losing Michael Jackson or am I mourning the loss of my childhood? I suppose a bit of both. One thing that cannot be denied is that Michael Jackson was an amazing one of a kind entertainer. Check out any of his performances on You Tube and you'll see how uniquely unreal he was. His singing style was unlike any other and he seemed to move like the laws of gravity simply did not apply. Hopefully folks will remember the music and not all the crap that seemed to drag him down. He was an icon but also a son, a brother, and a father. I never cared for the "King of Pop" moniker but he is definitely someone who changed the game forever. Go back and re listen to his music and you'll hear the genius who will hopefully find the peace he couldn't seem to find here.

Michael Jackson: I Can't Help It

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