Sunday, February 25, 2007

Finally, a mash-up that does not annoy me

Elvis Meets The Wailers: Crying In The Chapel
Here's my first post and I'm stealing it from another audioblog. Pretty weak of me but this is a really cool mash-up. I found this on Captain Crate's tremendous blog and unfortunately I don't have too much info on it. Just sit back and enjoy!


pennon said...

when I hear that I feel like I should be in some tropical resort with an island bar and underwater speakers nursing an umbrella-equipt cocktail. It all sounds a little like slow motion...a little strange to me..I heard the chinese are getting into reggae but have not really found their niche yet so maybe they could do an Elvis-reggae thing. Elvis with dreads...nice...."a splif and a spicy tuna roll please"

pennon said...

actually, I guess it woulde be a splif and a peanut-butter sandwich......Justin