Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Everybody Loves The Sunshine

Spring has finally come to Western New York. I never truly realized how much I appreciate the sun having taken it for granted for the past 12 years living in LA, but after my first New York winter in a long time I understand the sun's power. Trees are getting their leaves flowers are popping, but more importantly everyone seems to instantly be in a better mood riding their bikes, taking walks and working away in their yards. Right now I have to admit I'd rather be outside than sitting in front of my computer but I have a responsibility to my 8-12 readers. So I present to you 4 versions of my favorite sunshine song Roy Ayers' Everybody Loves The Sunshine. Listen quickly and then GO OUTSIDE!!!!

Roy Ayers Ubiquity: Everybody Loves The Sunshine

Here's the 1976 classic from the
album of the same name.

R.A.M.P.: Everybody Loves The Sunshine

This mellower version is taken from the hard to find German import Cafe del Mar, Vol. 2. Originally released on the even harder to find Roy Ayers Music Project's 1977 release Come Into Knowledge.

Roy Ayers: Sunshine (Demo)

A demo version featured on 2005's compilation of unreleased material Virgin Ubiquity II.

Roy Ayers featuring Erykah Badu: Everybody Loves The Sunshine

An appealing take with Ms. Badu from Kinkysweet's 2005 Midnight Soul compilation.


tgrundy said...

Hey BWM: Great minds must be thinking alike, Roy was one of my featured artists on last week's Triple Play Thurs-Day. As a matter of fact, the set ended up with yet another version of ELTS this one called an "acid jazz" remix by DJ Smash. Thanks for posting these, I always like to compare different versions of the same song!

latadezinc said...

the og version is one of my top 3 tracks ever?
btw what was The Greatest Song EVER?
the link is not working any longer

MJ said...

Thanks for the tracks, I've always loved this song, but I didn't know who wrote it.

Buffalo West Music said...

The Greatest Song Ever was an April Fools joke. I took the song down because it was too silly to leave up there!