Wednesday, April 4, 2007

The Father of Rock N Roll

I'm never really sure why Elvis is considered the "King of Rock N Roll". I assume it's because he became the first profitable mainstream rock star by putting a pretty white face to great songs by the likes of Big Boy Crudup and Junior Parker. Elvis' early recordings are great, but is he the King? Chuck Berry could be considered a king, but his personal troubles kept a dark cloud over him throughout his career. Little Richard labels himself the architect and he may be right. I guess there is no answer to these label debates, but I know who is the father of rock...Mississippi Muddy Waters.

Born McKinley Morganfield outside of Clarksdale, Muddy Waters moved north to Chicago in the 40's and single handily defined Chicago blues until his death in 1983. Buddy Guy, Junior Wells, James Cotton, Little Walter,Otis Spann, Jimmy Rogers and of course the great Willie Dixon all played in his band at one time or another helping to make Chess Records the epicenter of electric blues. Muddy Waters influenced generations of rock stars like Eric Clapton, The Who and The Rolling Stones who took their name from one of Muddy's signature songs. Muddy Waters had a man's voice and lived a man's life always with class. Today is his 92nd birthday.

Muddy Waters: My Home Is In The Delta

This track is taken from 1964's Folk Singer, Muddy Waters "unplugged" album. The album was a response to the growing popularity of folk music in the country. Intimate and now fully remastered you feel as though you are in the room. Muddy's vocals are incredible and it features a VERY young Buddy Guy on guitar.

Muddy Waters: Tom Cat

In 1968 the blues were in a serious decline. Chess' solution was to hook older blues legends up with young psychedelic musicians and record what happens. Electric Mud was the result. The trippy, sometimes uncomfortable versions of Muddy Waters classics were widely rejected, but I actually like the results.

The Rolling Stones: I Just Want To Make Love To You

Here are The Stones covering their idol on their first LP from 1964 dubbed England's Newest Hit Makers.


Muddy at Newport Jazz 1960

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fleamarketfunk said...

i love tomcat! a great use of the sample by cypress hill as well. it also is featured on david holmes mix: come get it i got it, which has some great psych, funk, and of course muddy waters on it.