Monday, May 7, 2007

It's Gil Scott's World

More poet than singer, Gil Scott-Heron found success with his political and social observations and quickly became one of the strongest and most eloquent American voices in the 70's. As a forefather to rap, Gil Scott was angry, passionate and always brutally honest with his lyrics. Along with songwriting partner and keyboardist Brian Jackson, Gil Scott-Heron released some of the most powerful recordings of the decade. Here's just a couple.

Gil Scott-Heron: Winter In America

The title track from his 1973 album summarizes the events which ultimately lead to the dangerous situations in 1973 Watergate America. Powerful lyrics and soulful music with a killer flute makes this a Gil Scott classic

Gil Scott-Heron: It's Your World

This is definitely one of his funkier tunes from his 1976 double album It's Your World. There is an undeniable Santana-like energy from the start with an uplifting message. You are truly free.

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tgrundy said...

Ahhhhhhhh! Gil Scott-Heron! BWM I luv it, luv it, luv it. GSH is one of my favorite artists. The lyrics of the poetry and songs, infused with the soulful world rhythms of the Midnight Band were/are some of the most moving and insightful things ever laid down on vinyl. I am happy/proud to say that I did have the pleasure of experiencing a Gil Scott-Heron performance in person as he performed on my college campus one year. And the duo of GSH and Brian Jackson was absolutely awesome. It is so nice to see someone else appreciate the fantastic work of this man. Ya know, I've been thinking of putting together a mix featuring Gil and some other jazz/poetry recordings like the Last Poets, Nikki Giovanni and some others. Might just do that for the 4th of July Holiday.