Friday, May 11, 2007

Nobody Loves Me But My Mother...

...And she could be jivin' too. Mother's Day is here again and I'm obliged to create a post for all those mama's out there, specifically MY mother and grandmother. Another fine job this year ladies. You're approval rating has gained another 12 points and nagging is on the decline. Here's a few fer me ma.

B.B. King: Nobody Loves Me But My Mother

One of my mother's personal favorites. B.B. shows the humor so prevalent in the blues. This is a demo version with a rare appearance of Bee on piano. You can find this track on his stellar 1992 box set King of the Blues. (Mine is autographed!)

Prince: Make Your Mama Happy

Here is Prince's outright impersonation of Sly & The Family Stone. Great stuff from 1998's collection of previously unreleased material Crystal Ball.

Sizzla: Thank You Mama

A self explanatory tune from Sizzla's 2006 release The Overstanding.


Anonymous said...

A nice selection of tunes, but I reckon the B.B. King is the same version that appears on 'Indianola Mississippi Seeds' which always had a nice demo sort of sound to it


Buffalo West Music said...

That's a fact. I guess I just wanted to mention that I got my box set autographed!!! Thanks for tuning in.