Friday, March 2, 2007

Mace Windu Meets Wednesday Addams

I fully intended to keep this blog leaning more towards soul music, but anyone who knows me knows deep down I'm a bluesman. Anyways, what has more soul than the blues? This is why I'm so excited for today's release of Black Snake Moan. Samuel L. Jackson stars as a delta bluesman who happens upon a young unconscious white girl (Christina Ricci) in the middle of the road. He decides to take her in, chain her up and cure her of her wicked ways. Sounds fun but I'm here to talk about the soundtrack. This collection of old and new delta blues is quite simply one of the best I've heard in a long time. I sure wish I had it in the car driving through Clarksdale this past summer. Here's a sampler:

Samuel L. Jackson: Just Like A Bird Without A Feather

That's right Sam sings the blues, too! This is an R.L. Burnside tune. Kenny Brown's on guitar.

Bobby Rush: Chicken Heads

This one's pretty soulful. Jackson, Mississippi born Bobby Rush still performs across the south on what's left of the chitlin' circuit with no less than three dancers who make risque costume changes between every few songs. Nice!

North Mississippi All-Stars: Mean Ol' Wind Dies Down

This is from the All-Stars last album. A little Delta, a little Allman Bros. this track explodes into joyous gospel right around the four minute mark. If you don't like this, I don't want to know you!

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wawaweewa said...

um, yeah. i cant wait to see this movie too. hey can you find that song that played on the "dancing montage" on Scrubs? ok, thanks. real good stuff here, buffalo west.