Thursday, March 8, 2007


Here we go again. It's time to turn the clocks forward for spring, but this year it comes earlier. Just early enough to throw off your computers, cell phones, microwaves, Easy Bake ovens and everything else you can get a shock from. So go buy a bunch of water, stock up on duct tape and Pop-Tarts because the end is near...again. I'm not digging too deep today, but here are some tunes to remind you of our impending doom.

Booker T & The MG's: Time Is Tight

This is a classic from the Stax house band taken from 1968's Uptight LP. Duck Dunn's rolling bass line is what makes it for me. Add a gospel organ and your in business. The best tunes are always the simplest. I can't help but think of The Blues Brothers driving through the mall with this one. "...Pier One Imports!"

Chairmen Of The Board: Give Me Just A Little More Time

This is the Detroit based act's biggest hit from 1970. The pleading, impassioned vocals of General Norman Johnson grab the listener from the very start and never let go. This group probably wishes they had a little more time. They disbanded in 1976.

Groove Armada: Hands of Time

God knows I don't want to be pigeonholed as someone who just digs the old stuff. Soul can be found wherever you look for it. Case in point, Groove Armada's Hands of Time from 2003's Lovebox. Obviously it's Richie Havens' vocals that I immediately respond to, but the mellow electric piano and steady beat make this one a good choice for any occasion, Saturday night OR Sunday morning. This works.

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