Tuesday, October 2, 2007

A Rainy Day with Ms. James

Leela James: When You Love Somebody

Leela James' 2005 debut LP A Change Is Gonna Come is stellar. Singing well beyond her years Leela lets it all out on this heart ripper.

Etta James: Take It To The Limit

This track from 1994's Live From San Francisco proves what a great singer can do. I'll honestly tell anyone who asks "I HATE THE F_in' EAGLES!" but what Etta does here is simply astonishing. She actually makes me rethink my entire anti-Eagle lifestyle....Then I hear Hotel California and I realize I was right!


Anonymous said...

The Leela James particularly is just beautiful. Must get me a copy of the CD



Buffalo West Music said...

I'm glad you dug it! Thanks for stopping by!


Delta said...

Good post.