Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Spooky Time

Sorry it's been so long since I've posted anything here. I've been having some storage/download issues. The blog's getting more popular than I expected which couldn't make me happier.
Halloween is my favorite times of year and I've got a few tunes to spice up your Halloween parties. Dig these!

Dusty Springfield: Spooky

You gotta love Dusty's cool delivery on this track from 1968. Originally recorded by Classics IV, I think Dusty's version is the definitive one. You can find it on the re-release of Dusty....Definitely.

Nina Simone: I Put A Spell On You

Something about Nina Simone's voice makes this cover completely eerie. While the Screamin' Jay Hawkins original is comical, this version is dead serious. Supposedly The Beatles got the bridge for Michelle after hearing this tune. You can find this track on Nina's great 1965 release I Put A Spell On You.

Frank De Jo Jo: Turn Off The Lights

This cover of the Larry Young's 1975 sexual classic takes on a whole new scary vibe at Halloween. This track is taken from Ubiquity's first Rewind! compilation.

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