Tuesday, December 16, 2008

A Charlie Brown Christmas

How many blues artists remained at the absolute top of their game after more than a half-century of performing? One immediately leaps to mind: Charles Brown. His incredible piano skills and laid-back vocal delivery remained every bit as mesmerizing at the end of his life as they were way back in 1945, when his groundbreaking waxing of "Drifting Blues" invented an entirely new blues genre for sophisticated postwar revelers: an ultra-mellow, jazz-inflected sound perfect for sipping a late-night libation in some hip after-hours joint. Two of Brown's biggest hits happened to be Christmas songs and they are the first in our series holiday posts. Pour some egg nog, kick back and enjoy!

Charles Brown: Merry Christmas Baby

Composed by Lou Baxter and Johnny Moore, this tune has grown to be a standard at Christmas time and nobody delivers it better than Charles Brown.

Charles Brown: Please Come Home for Christmas

This Brown penned 1960 classic will always be one of my favorites. You can find both of these tracks here.

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